Gelato vs Ice cream

Which one is the best?

We love both. What’s not to love? Yet, we think it’s also pretty obvious we’re on team gelato. Here’s why it’s our favorite:

Mercuri Italian Gelato Los Angeles

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 Ice cream usually involves a mix of cream and milk, but gelato is made using mostly whole milk and no eggs. It makes gelato a bit easier to digest and contains less calories. So go ahead and eat the whole pint!

Mercuri Italian Gelato Los Angeles

Less air, more flavor

Gelato is churned at a slower rate meaning, giving it less air bubbles. That translates into an iced delight with a denser texture and more intense flavors. Gelato can excite your taste buds in a way ice cream doesn’t.

Mercuri Italian Gelato Los Angeles

Good-bye brain freeze

Gelato is best served at a warmer temperature (10-22℉) for a smoother, silkier texture. So unless you’re a competitive speed eater, you won’t get those nasty cold headaches.